A Peach

by Nick Hours

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released April 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Nick Hours Oakland, California

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Track Name: Lazy Mountains
You can turn us into knowing smiles,
even in the hardest times
And relieve us for a precious while
of our petty crimes

And you’ll melt the very coldest eyes
And you’ll make lazy mountains rise
For we fall asleep under our tongues
And end up the same as we’ve begun

It’s the paradox of confidence,
and laughing at your own expense
When the storyteller stops the war
with his common sense

And the nation shouts your name with joy
You’re a saint to every girl and boy
And a breeze to lift our heavy hearts
When we’re all too tired to play our parts
Track Name: Rattling Windows
There’s an echo when the rattling windows sing
Travelling through the kitchen,
Meticulous floorboards collect everything
Heading upstairs, and asleep in the afternoon
Heavy in the air, like wintery secrets or snow on the moon

All the oak trees, in the playground behind the mall
Shady towers of memory,
Of the neighborhood’s rise and spectacular fall
Down the pavement,
Like a storm through the Spring we blew
The pure impatience
Of the simplest seasons that we ever knew

Is there some big eye? To remember everything
Will I know you twice? When the apple’s barely ripe?
Or will I have to recreate that feeling every spring?

In the morning, when the city comes back to life
And the grass is still drying,
And we’re shedding the veil of mysterious night
Drifting downstairs, and amidst a familiar song
This rattling in the air, it’s been telling me all along

That something in the skies, the clouds and fireflies
The songs that people sing
And the apple’s barely ripe, and my lips will open wide
To taste that song of Spring

Is there some big Eye? To remember everything?
Will I know you twice? Will the timing be just right
Or will I have to take whatever song the morning brings?
Track Name: Mission of Dancing
People come, the streets have gone running
Teach me some way I can ride
Witness a mission of dancing
Wishin' I could swallow that pride

Thank you all for colors and laughing
Another small and happy romance
Where no one stops to bother my fancy
And no one waits around for a dance

I’ll lay my feet in a mess of heat
The world is so alive and wild
The moon arrives, with sparkling eyes
Just like a child

We are made of monkeys and money
We are saved by turtles and doves
We arrive in houses of honey
We are born and we are in love

Can you see the melody ringing?
A fantasy, all over town
People come, leaping and singing
We will come and join in the sound

I’ll lay my feet, a mess of heat
The world is so alive and wild
The moon arrives, with sparkling eyes
The sky’s a peach and I’m a child
The wind sets in, upon my skin
And I can taste the sea from here
And all is right, and all is clear….
Track Name: Hunter
You are a phantom when you appear
You are the history I can’t get clear
You are the ghost of the new year

You are the promise I’ll never keep
You are the shadow inside my sleep
You are a hunter and I’m a sheep ---

You bore the color into our eyes
You wore the branches, you won the prize
You watch it all as the bird flies

You brought me near but you stayed so far
You shine like gold on a distant star
I’ll never know who you really are ---

I tried like hell to convince a stone
Reduced to dust and I’m still alone
When will I learn what I’ve always known?

Cause every flower to the Earth will fall
If it’s my power to collect them all
Then we will drown, and start over again
Track Name: A Peach
The sky is a peach, with juice dripping ripe at our feet
The world behind us, they’ll never find us
We’re climbing a rocket ship

The evening in flames, a fire for your dark reckless games
You strike your lightning, so grand and frightening,
A star for my young enchanted eyes

There’s land up ahead, but we’ll only rest when we’re dead
We curve around it like we never found it,
And steer for the atmosphere

Cause we’re only dust, a glow when the atoms combust
You hold me tight and we flash our light for a minute
For a minute

And I am born in the night
With silent lips and infinite sight
And I will reach, my face to the sky
We’re underneath a peach, and we’re taking a bite
Track Name: Roses
Married inside a blanket of white
And roses on my face
Beneath the tea house
Where we keep our children safe

Our fathers are young with battle cry lungs
And arms to lift the skies
We’ll reap their fortunes
Just to waste it with their pride

Bottled and bright, a flash of this life
Will drift beneath the blue
They’ll find our messages
Inside a misty moon

And under the fire a tangle of wire
Will ruin all our plans
We’ll watch them melt like
Ancient icebergs in the sand

Oh, the body becomes the rose
Oh, the spirit become the snow
All the world above knows the secrets of below
Track Name: Eyes of the Day
I’m sleeping in the thought of that simple supper
Dreaming of the nightly feast
Arranging pretty flowers on the patient table
Crowded cornered bones and feet

Remembering the songs of the smoky summer
Rolling on the fragrant fires
Tasting every trace of that simple supper
Laughing till the moon retires

The skies love the rain
But I’m dry in the rain
My eyes wet with shame
Still I’m dry in the rain

Banished from the taste of that simple supper…
I’ve given up the nightly feast…
Burning far above every smoky summer…
They’ve shackled up my bones and feet…

The skies love the rain
But I’m dry in the rain
My eyes wet with shame
Still I’m dry in the rain

The trees sprout with pride
I could breathe out their pride
But there are no trees inside
So I’ll dream and I’ll hide
I’ll dream and I’ll hide...
Track Name: Sister
My sister, my sister, this elegant sister
Is teaching her gay little brother ballet
Her blisters, her blisters
Those tip-toe shoe blisters
Should something so pretty require such pain?

She wears a crown
Though sweetly and humbly
A swan that floats on the ground
She’s born on the sea
Arrives in full beauty
With pageantry fit for a queen

I creep down the hallway my ear to her door
Their conference in session for three hours or more
Our quiet routine as she steers us to school
The childhood battles of skeptics and fools